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Acupuncture Therapy in Essex County

Time-Tested Solutions to Modern Problems

Acupuncture is a practice which originated in China, thought to have started as early as 600 B.C. Extremely thin needs are inserted through the skin at very particular acupuncture points on the body, most often to alleviate pain from a wide variety of sources. Through the lens of modern medicine, acupuncture is an effective way to stimulate muscles, nerves, and connective tissues to increase blood flow and boost the body’s natural pain relief.

Many people turn to over the counter Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) to alleviate pain, which can have harmful long-term effects. Acupuncture in Essex County is a safe alternative to pain medication and has reportedly no negative side effects on the body.

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What Can Acupuncture Treat?

Alleviate pain through acupuncture sessions at Options Rehab! All areas of the body can be treated with acupuncture including neck pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. By inserting tiny, hair-like, needles into the surface of the skin, it can painlessly help stimulate specific parts of the body.

There are several common ailments that acupuncture can help to address, such as:

  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Post-operative pain

The goal of acupuncture is to modify the body’s energy flow and balance. It has been proven to help treat rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and even Parkinson’s disease. Options Rehab takes the time to treat each patient for their unique conditions and can provide additional services including physical therapy, chiropractic services, and pain management to help you obtain your end result. Often, our treatment plans will work hand-in-hand so we can provide you with the best positive outcome.

Let Options Rehab Help You

If you have been suffering from chronic pain and are ready to take a different approach to your treatment plan than call Options Rehab in Essex County today. Driven to see you succeed and rehabilitate your body. Steer away from taking steroids and long-term drug plans and regain your sense of self with our specialists. These plans are doing more harm than good to your body for the long term and should not be mean an end.

Learn how we can manipulate the body’s energy with thin needles on the surface to alleviate the most common forms of pain.

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